Yeezycat’s Favorites- Bodie Jones

Welcome to another installment of Yeezy’s Favorites. Today I’m interviewing my friend Bodie Jones.


Yeezy: Hi Bodie thanks for joining me on the blog today. First things first go ahead and introduce yourself.

Bodie: My official name is Bodie Jones, but I usually go by Bodie. Sometimes my mom calls me The Bodester. She even shortens Bodie Jones to BoJo…. I ignore that one, though.


Y: When is your Birthday/Gotcha Day?

B: My Gotcha day is February 26, but I’m not sure when my birthday is. My mom didn’t adopt me until I was an adult, and I can’t read a calendar so….I’m not a big help.


Y: So how old are you?

B: I think I’m about 7 years old. My vet looked at my teeth once and said she could tell my age. Aren’t humans the weirdest?!


Y: Where are you from?

B: I live in Pittsburgh, PA. My mom’s family is from Ohio, so I go there and visit sometimes. As long as I can look out the window at my Pap Pap’s I’m happy.


Y: How did you come into your parents lives?

B: My mom used to work at a shelter called Animal Friends. The dog warden actually brought me there because he found me roaming around on a farm. When I arrived, I had been living outside for so long I was kind of sick. I had bugs in my ears and worms in my belly. AND fleas! Have you ever had fleas? Ugh. The worst. Anyways, they fixed me up and it wasn’t long until my mom took me home with her. When I first got there, I was a little uncomfortable. I had never seen a bed before! But now, I get all the way under the covers and sleep with my head on the pillows. I love living inside!


Y: What is your favorite food?

B: I have a really sensitive system – my skin gets itchy and my ears bother me if I don’t eat a special prescription food. I guess it’s ok. I don’t care too much, as long as I can eat whenever I want and have Party Mix treats a couple times a day.


Y: What is your favorite toy?

B: I like little foil balls I kick them all over the house. My mom calls me a “soccer player,” whatever that means.

Y: Has anyone ever told you that you look like a superhero? Do you have a secret identity?

B: I’ve never really heard that I look like a superhero, but I have been told I look like Maru, the world’s biggest feline YouTube star! Does that count? Oh yea! My mom sometimes mistakes me for a lion. Like, she’s totally told me a couple times that she thought I was a lion when I walked in the room.


Y: What is your favorite cartoon cat?

B: Simon’s Cat! I like him because he makes my mom laugh really hard. Also because he’s always hungry and I’m always hungry too. I figure we’d be friends IRL.


Y: Do you have a favorite quote or saying?

B: Good things happen to those who nap. (I made that up. Pretty good, huh? Good things happen to me and I nap all the time.)

Thanks again for joining me today, Bodie! I know so much more about you and I have to say you just keep getting more and more awesome!

You can follow Bodie on Instagram @bodie.jones. You will not be disappointed! Meow ya later!

Yeezycat 🐾


All photos used are from Bodie Jones © and used with consent. Any other use is strictly prohibited.


2 thoughts on “Yeezycat’s Favorites- Bodie Jones”

  1. very nice to meet you bodie jones; awesome interview today yeezy !!! we enjoyed todays post …. and bodie, you do look like maru 🙂 glad you finded your forevers and we give your quote… 984 paws UP !! happy weekend to you both ~~~ 🙂 ♥♥


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