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Yeezy’s Favorites – Mila

One of my favorite things to do is interview/blog about some of my favorite things. Mostly it’s fellow cats that I’ve met and love! If you or someone you think needs to get their story out please let me know. Email me at yeezycat@gmail.com. I promise to get back to you between naps. Today I interviewing another bestie from Instagram. Let’s get to it!


Yeezy: First things first go ahead and Introduce yourself.
Mila: My name is Mila, nickname Sassypants.

Y: When is your birthday/gotcha day?
M:DOB: September 6, 2005


Y: How old are you?
M: Eleventy (11)

Y: Where are you from?
M: Colorado but I lived most of my life in Ottawa, Canada and now I live in Montreal.


Y: How did you come into your parents’ lives?
M:This is a good story! I was born at a Buddhist temple in Colorado. When I was just a tiny sassypants I went home with my first human, we’ll call her Buddhist Lady. She was very nice and took good care of me. (I’m named after a Tibetan Buddhist monk who used music to teach his students meditation.) She even took me with her when she moved to Ottawa, Canada. It was a long car ride and I probably cried like crazy but I don’t remember. After a few years in Ottawa, Buddhist Lady had to go to another city for school so she asked her former roommate to look after me. She cat-sat me for about a year and we grew super close. I need lots of snuggles and she was more than happy to comply! She started asking Buddhist Lady to please let me be adopted by her but we never got a straight answer. She bought me the best quality food and took care of all my needs but I still technically did not belong to her. Then, in the fall of 2015, I got into a pretty serious accident. I decided to go dancing in the street early one morning and a car ran over my tail! We were so scared that it was broken but in the end the bone was fine. It was still gross though, because the top layer of skin and fur had been ripped off. I had to wear the cone of shame and go on lots of painkillers. My cat-sitter put antibacterial gel on my tail three times a day even though I howled and tried to run away. She even let me snuggle at night like usual even though my I kept poking her in the face with my cone! That’s when Buddhist Lady realized that she wasn’t just my cat-sitter, she was my Mom and we needed to stay together. Now we live in Montreal with “Mom’s”boyfriend, even though I’m pretty sure he’s mine. He says I’m obnoxious but he still lets me sleep on his lap while he watches hockey and sometimes Mom catches us napping together! I think that speaks volumes, no? 😉 I love my little family and I’m especially happy that I’m the spoiled only child around here. I’m a big brat with other cats. (Oh and by the way, I don’t wander around outside anymore. Mom keeps me safe and supervised so I don’t run in front of any more cars!)


Y: What is your favorite food?
M: Anything that makes my breath nice and fishy so I can give Mom stinky kisses on the nose.


Y: What is your favorite toy?
M: I’m kind of lazy. I love getting high on catnip but I ignore most toys if they’re not laced with it. I have been known to catch the little red dot, though.


Y: What is your favorite cartoon cat?
M: Sylvester, hands down! I love watching him “play” with Tweety Bird! They remind me of me with my dearly departed guinea pig brother. RIP Reepicheep.


Y: Do you have a favorite quote or saying?
M: “Don’t be a drag, just be a Queen!”-Lady Gaga. Mom says I’m a sassy gay man in cat form. Whatever, I’m fabulous.

You are so awesome. Thanks so much for joining me on the blog today. Follow Mila aka Sassypants over on Insta @la_afrikita



Yeezy Travels – Red Roof Inn Plus – Houston, Texas

While we were in Houston we stayed at the Red Roof Inn Plus. The room was nice and of course I had to sniff every inch to see who or what has been there before. We stayed for two nights and the only bad thing is that it was super close to the highway. If you have a pet who is fearful of cars or loud noises this location would not be a good fit. I was fine and had a great time. I almost forgot to mention the best part. Pets stay FREE! Enjoy the photos below!



yeezy 🐾

I will start my new series next Wednesday so stay tuned. Also come back Friday for another installment of Yeezy’s Favorites.

Yeezy Travels- Houston, Texas – Lupe Torilla + Meet Up

One of the best parts about traveling to Houston is that I got to meet my best friend Teddy’s parents! I waited at the hotel while our parents when out to dinner. They went to Lupe Torilla and said it was so good!


After dinner Teddy’s parents, Curtis and Cindy, came back to the hotel to meet me. I got rubs, scratches, and a birthday present! They were so sweet. I can’t wait to go back so we can hangout again!


I also got to meet flat cat Teddy. We are practically twins!  Don’t forget to check him and his family out on Instagram @jones_fids.


Thanks for following along on my recent travels. Stop back Wednesday for a new series and Friday for Yeezy’s Favorites!



Yeezycat’s Favorites- Bodie Jones

Welcome to another installment of Yeezy’s Favorites. Today I’m interviewing my friend Bodie Jones.


Yeezy: Hi Bodie thanks for joining me on the blog today. First things first go ahead and introduce yourself.

Bodie: My official name is Bodie Jones, but I usually go by Bodie. Sometimes my mom calls me The Bodester. She even shortens Bodie Jones to BoJo…. I ignore that one, though.


Y: When is your Birthday/Gotcha Day?

B: My Gotcha day is February 26, but I’m not sure when my birthday is. My mom didn’t adopt me until I was an adult, and I can’t read a calendar so….I’m not a big help.


Y: So how old are you?

B: I think I’m about 7 years old. My vet looked at my teeth once and said she could tell my age. Aren’t humans the weirdest?!


Y: Where are you from?

B: I live in Pittsburgh, PA. My mom’s family is from Ohio, so I go there and visit sometimes. As long as I can look out the window at my Pap Pap’s I’m happy.


Y: How did you come into your parents lives?

B: My mom used to work at a shelter called Animal Friends. The dog warden actually brought me there because he found me roaming around on a farm. When I arrived, I had been living outside for so long I was kind of sick. I had bugs in my ears and worms in my belly. AND fleas! Have you ever had fleas? Ugh. The worst. Anyways, they fixed me up and it wasn’t long until my mom took me home with her. When I first got there, I was a little uncomfortable. I had never seen a bed before! But now, I get all the way under the covers and sleep with my head on the pillows. I love living inside!


Y: What is your favorite food?

B: I have a really sensitive system – my skin gets itchy and my ears bother me if I don’t eat a special prescription food. I guess it’s ok. I don’t care too much, as long as I can eat whenever I want and have Party Mix treats a couple times a day.


Y: What is your favorite toy?

B: I like little foil balls I kick them all over the house. My mom calls me a “soccer player,” whatever that means.

Y: Has anyone ever told you that you look like a superhero? Do you have a secret identity?

B: I’ve never really heard that I look like a superhero, but I have been told I look like Maru, the world’s biggest feline YouTube star! Does that count? Oh yea! My mom sometimes mistakes me for a lion. Like, she’s totally told me a couple times that she thought I was a lion when I walked in the room.


Y: What is your favorite cartoon cat?

B: Simon’s Cat! I like him because he makes my mom laugh really hard. Also because he’s always hungry and I’m always hungry too. I figure we’d be friends IRL.


Y: Do you have a favorite quote or saying?

B: Good things happen to those who nap. (I made that up. Pretty good, huh? Good things happen to me and I nap all the time.)

Thanks again for joining me today, Bodie! I know so much more about you and I have to say you just keep getting more and more awesome!

You can follow Bodie on Instagram @bodie.jones. You will not be disappointed! Meow ya later!

Yeezycat 🐾


All photos used are from Bodie Jones © and used with consent. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

Yeezy Travels – Sweet Cup Gelato – Houston, Texas

After a warm afternoon in the park we had to go get something that cooled us off. We found Sweet Cup Gelato and it looked like the perfect place because it had outdoor seating.


Pops and Mama went in to get something and came out with the best thing… whipped cream. Whipped cream is my guilty pleasure. Yum!


They had a lot of flavors of gelato and some sorbet and you could get it in a cup or a cone. They also had something called brioche gelato. That’s what they got. It’s like a homemade ice cream sandwich. Pops got caramel gelato and Mama got rose milk gelato. They said it was like something out of a dream! So delicious. I certainly recommend going here if you’re ever in Houston. #yeezyapproved


Our next stop is dinner with my best friend Teddy’s parents. Stop back by to see how much fun we had!



Yeezycat 🐾

Check out Sweet Cup Gelato’s Instagram : @sweepcupgelato

Yeezy Travels – Discovery Green – Houston, Texas

We drove from New Orleans, Louisiana to Houston, Texas and it wasn’t a bad trip. Just a little boring. But, on our way out of New Orleans we had to avoid some traffic on 10 west and we ended up going trough Hollygrove. If you don’t know that is Lil Wayne’s hometown. So that was cool.

When we arrived in Houston we went to check in at the hotel. We stayed at the Red Roof Inn Plus. (review post to follow) After checking in Pops and Mama were starving so they grabbed some food at Jason’s Deli and then called it a night.

The next day we were excited to get out and explore the city. We drove into the city and found parking in a deck and then walked to the Discovery Green.


Discovery Green is a 12 acre park within the city. It’s beautiful and leashed pets are welcome. They also have dog runs that looked awesome if your a pupper. Not only is it a park but there are restaurants, a stage, skating, and much more. If visiting Houston this is a must visit! #yeezyapproved


We had to get photos in front of this awesome wall! There was a lot of commotion going on and I knew there were treats in my bag so I was ready to get carried. I need Pops and Mama to get me a proper carrying bag but for now this works. There was also a selfie station that took your photo, put a frame on it, and then was available to email to yourself. How cool is that!?!


We had a great time exploring our next stop is a place for dessert. Stop back by to see the rest of our adventures.



Yeezycat 🐾